Using songs and poems to learn Pinyin

To make learning pinyin more fun, you can use songs, poems, and rhymes to learn Chinese Pinyin. Let me get you started by using a few of them here. I will keep adding some more later. Learning pinyin does not have to be boring. You can find creative ways to learn pinyin. This is just one fun idea to learn pinyin! Have fun learning Pinyin!!

I have video links at the bottom to many youtube videos on Chinese songs in Pinyin. Some songs sound very pleasant and you may want to learn how to sing some of them.

Click here for Children songs in Pinyin, Chinese and English: EZ Mandarin: Chinese Mandarin Kid songs.

Here is another good video for 40 children rhymes and songs in Pinyin: 幼儿童谣大全40首 You Er Tong Yao Da Quan 40 Shou (Original Music Video)

Here is the playlist of children’s songs: Children rhymes to be played individually.

Chinese Pop Song Song Title: 床前明月光( 床前明月光, Chuáng Qián Míng Yuè Guāng,  Moonlight on My B… | Learn chinese, Chinese language learning, Mandarin  chinese learning

Learn Pinyin through Listening to Chinese songs

Chinese songs in Pinyin & English (118 videos)

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