Chinese Assignment: What do you like to drink

Watch this video:

Old Zhang and Young Zhang” (老张和小张) Season 1 Episode 5: “Favorite drink” (你喜欢喝什么?)

After watching the video, please complete the following task:

A:Listening and Writing Assignment:

Based on the video, answer the questions in complete sentences and in Chinese characters.

  1. 老张喜欢喝什么?
  2. Chef 喜欢喝什么?
  3. 不可以先生喜欢喝什么?
  4. Baby Wawa 喜欢喝什么?
  5. Migo 喜欢喝什么?
  6. Juju 喜欢喝什么?
  7. Dada喜欢喝什么?
  8. Konglong 树(Dinosaur Tree) 喜欢喝什么?
  9. Bubbly Head 先生 (Mr. Bubbly Head) 喜欢喝什么?

2. Speaking Assignment:

Record you asking and answering these questions.

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