Oral Assignment for IC Lesson 1: Text Messaging with my Pen Pal

Oral performance for Integrated Chinese Lesson 1: Texting with My Pen pal

Main goals of this assignment:

–You can greet each other and ask how the person is doing

–You can ask each other’s last name and given name.

–You can ask about each other’s nationality.

–You can say “Nice to meet you” when you make an acquaintance.

–You can nicely close a conversation with a good bye.

–You can use a cell phone to text each other in Chinese language.

**To set the cell phone to have the capability to type Chinese: https://ling-lingchinese.com/2020/10/15/how-to-type-chinese-in-iphone/

  1. The Written Portion of this Assignment

Work together with a classmate. Here is the scenario. You are texting with your classmate acting as your new pen pal. Presumably, you have never met each other before. You can text each other going back and forth inquiring information about each other using what you have learned in Lesson One.

Here are phrases, questions and responses I would like you to include in your text exchange.

1.       First, greet each other.

2.       One person can ask, “How are you?” The other answers, “I am fine, and you?” (我很好,你呢?)

3.       You can ask each other “What’s your last name” and “What is your name, please?”

4.       Ask each other, “Are you a student?”

5.       Your pen pal can respond and say, “I am also a student!” Or “No, I am not a student, I am a teacher.”

6.       Ask each other, “What nationality are you? “ 

7.       More specifically, you can also provide more information and tell the other, “I am from [A city, for example Cleveland 克利夫兰]Kè lǐ fū lán. How about you?”  The other may answer, I am from Beijing.”

8.       End your conversation with a nice Chinese phrase: “很高兴认识你!(Hěn gāoxìng rènshí nǐ!  –Literally, it means, Very glad to meet you—which is the same as “Nice to meet you!”)

9.       The other would respond, “我也很高兴认识你!” “Wǒ yě hěn gāoxìng rènshí nǐ!”

 (I am also glad to meet you!)

10.   Close this dialogue with a “good-bye, my friend.” 再见,我的朋友!”( Zàijiàn, wǒ de péngyǒu

Please work together with your language partner, and text each other these messages. Please take photo shot(s) of your message with each other and both partners need to submit these photo shots to your instructor via a google doc. Each partner has to submit separately to receive a grade for this assignment.

On the google doc, Please click “insert” on top and then select  “image” to insert your photo shot(s) of text exchange and share your link of your completed assignment with your instructor via email.

2. In your next assignment Perform this text exchange orally and submit your work in the next assignment in Schoology. Either perform in class or send a recording of this exchange to your instructor

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