Chinese Assignment on Time

Watch this 15 min. Video–Growing up with Chinese Lesson 7 Time

After watching the video, please complete the following task:

A:Listening and Writing Assignment:

Based on the video, answer the questions in complete sentences and in Chinese characters.

  1. Based on the video, what time is it? 现在几点了
  2. Are they eating lunch or dinner?他们吃午饭还是晚饭?
  3. What did Xiao Ming’s mother cook? Chinese food or American food? 小明的妈妈做了什么菜? 中国菜还是美国菜?
  4. “都八点了!”What does it mean in English? 都八点了!”英文是什么意思?
  5. 小明告诉(gsi4su4) 他妈妈现在几点了 What time did Xiao Ming told his mother it is?

2. Speaking Assignment:

Record you asking and answering these questions in Chinese.

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