Chinese Assignment: Order Food at a Fast Food Restaurant

Watch this 15 min. Video–Growing up with Chinese Lesson Eating Fast Food

After watching the video, please complete the following task:

A:Listening and Writing Assignment:

Based on the video, answer the questions in complete sentences and in Chinese characters.

  1. 小明一开始想吃什么?
  2. 他们去哪里买吃的东西?
  3. 他们点了什么吃的东西?
  4. 他们喝了什么饮料?
  5. 他们一共付了多少钱?
  6. 他们为什么没去咖啡店?
  7. “我快饿死了!”英文是什么意思?
  8. “I want to eat everything.” 中文怎么说?

2. Speaking Assignment:

Record you asking and answering these questions.


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