Language project for Creating a Children’s Book

Project:  Creating a Children’s Book in Chinese using Google Slides

 Create a children’s book that introduces the key vocabularies we have learned from Integrated Chinese Lesson 6 in a charming and engaging way (The lesson can vary depending on your teaching materials).

Deadline: ________________

What should be included is:

  1.  A cover with a title
  2. A children’s book should have a defined beginning, middle, and end, with a coherent theme.

Include all of the Chinese key vocabulary/phrases from Lesson 6 (vocabulary list from other lesson may be provided here)

1. 给 X 打电话

2. 到。。。去。。。

3. 行吗

4. 准备 一下

5. 帮

6. 练习

7. 要是 。 。 。 , (S) 就 。 。 。 。

8 . 有事 or 没空儿

9. 跟 X 见面     

 7 . _ _ _ _ _ _ 以后 

8. 别。。。得。。。

9. 回来

  • After the story on the last page, also include a vocabulary list on the back of the children’s book with corresponding English meaning.

  • Include photos on every slide of the story.

Grading Rubric:

  1. Visual Aid 10%
  2. Presentation/Delivery (Memorization/Pronunciation and Fluency) 30%
  3. Content 20%
  4. Grammar 20%
  5. Vocabulary 20%

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