Character Writing and Family Tree Assignments

  • This assignment has two parts:
  • 1) Character writing for kinship terms. Write each kinship term 3 times.
  • 2) Draw a Family Tree using these kinship terms.
  • (Use all these kinship terms in the family tree. The one you don’t have, just put in a bracket [ ]. )
  • You can use the following worksheet to write:
  • Blank Character Practice Worksheet (Diagonal)
  • Students’ Work:
Here is an example for the family tree.

Important: Please use to learn how to write them correctly. (Use it to look up the stroke order for each character. Just type pinyin for one character and select the correct character, and you will get the animated stroke for the character.)

You must use it to learn how to write well. It provides animated stroke for you and it will also pronounce it for you!!!  Use it to help you learn Chinese well.

Common Kinship Terms in Chinese:

1. 爸爸 Bàba Father

2. 妈妈 Māmā Mother

3. 哥哥 Gēgē Older Brother

4. 姐姐 Jiějie Older sister

5. 弟弟 Dìdì younger brother

6 妹妹 mèimei Younger sister

7. 奶奶 Nǎinai Grandma (from father side)

8.爷爷 Yéyé Grandpa (from father side)

9. 伯伯 Bóbo Uncle (Father’s older brother)

10. 叔叔 Shūshu uncle (Father’s younger brother)

11. 姑姑 Gūgū Aunt (Father’s sisters)

12.阿姨 (姨妈)Āyí (yímā) Aunt (Mother’s sisters)

13. 舅舅Jiùjiu Uncle (Mother’s brothers)

14. 外婆 Wàipó (Grandma, Mother’s mom)

15. 外公Wàigōng (Grand father, mother’s dad)

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