Oral Performance: 我和我的家人 Me and My family (My fictional Family)(IC L1 to L4)

Make a powerpoint presentation for this oral performance. Make sure the visuals can be both seen by students and the instructor

Create a fictional family.

Describe the following of each member you have created. These characters can be drawn from famous movie stars, politicians, authors, animation characters, etc. (They are preferably from different nationalities, speaking different languages.)

Describe the following:

First, describe yourself and tell us how many people in your family. And give the specifics on who are in your family, including how many siblings you have. 你叫什么名字?你家有几口人?

Then introduce your family one by one and mention the following about them.

  1. Name

 他叫什么名字Nǐ/tā jiào shénme míngzì What is your/his name?

  1. Age 

他多大?tā duōdà? How old is he?

  1. Nationality 

他是哪国人?tā shì nǎ guórén? What nationality is he?

  1. Work

What do they do for a living) 他们做什么工作? Tāmen zuò shénme gōngzuò? What do they do for a living?

  1. School 

他上什么学校?tā shàng shénme xuéxiào? What school does /he attend?  shàngattend; 学校xuéxiào: school

  1. Spoken languages 

(他会说什么语言?Tā huì shuō shénme yǔyánWhat language can he speak?   Vocabulary:huì can ; 语言yǔyánlanguage)

  1. Favorite cuisines 

他喜欢吃什么菜?Nǐ/tā xǐhuān chī shénme cài? What food do you/does he like to eat?  Vocabulary:喜欢xǐhuān: like; chīeat; càifood/cuisine

  1. Hobbies

 (他的爱好是什么tā de àihào shì shénmeWhat are his hobbies? Vocabulary:爱好àihàohobby )

  1. Career– 职业 Zhíyè 

他(要)做什么工作?tā yào zuò shénme gōngzuò?

What work do you/does he want to do?  Vocabulary:yào : want)

 Submit your self evaluation after your presentation.

Here is the rubric for self-evaluation:

Samples of Students’ Work:


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