Oral Performance on Jobs/Profession

Oral Performance on Jobs

1) Write the entire script down including questions and answer in Chinese characters, submit to your instructor here. (10 points) 

2) Practice and then perform the script in front of your teacher.  (10 points)

Interviewer (YOU): _________________

Interviewee (Your classmate): _____________________

Please ask a classmate these questions in Chinese.

First, translate the following questions in Chinese (characters).

Then interview a classmate these questions. Lastly, write down their answers to these questions. 

Be ready to present with your classmate. Also turn in this written script here in schoology.

1. How many people in your family?


answer: (give details: for example: I have six members in my family, my father, my mom, two older brothers, one younger sister and me.)

 2. What do they  do (professionally)?

Translate into Chinese: 

Classmate Answer:

3. What do you want to do (professionally)?

​Translate into Chinese: 

​Classmate‘s Answer:

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