Chinese written and oral assignment: Create a picture book about Mr. or Ms. X’s Family

This is a written and oral assignment I have created for my students:

Write your picture book: Mr. or Ms. XXX’s family (Submit your draft here by _________)–15 points
Due: __________________________
Introduce a celebrity’s family, using google slides (illustrated with pictures)

First, include the following:

  1. First paragraph: Indicate how many people in Mr. X’s family, and how many sisters, brothers, or sons/daughters in the family. (IMPORTANT: You should include at least 4 or 5 family members. You can include grandparents, and you can talk about your pet, just don’t count it as a family member.)
  2. Then, introduce each member。

For instance:

2a: 这是【名字Name】

Zhè shì Ao Ba Ma 先生。(This is Mr. Obama.)

2b: Talk about his/her age (You can guess the age.)

example: 他 五十岁。

Tā wǔshí suì. (He is 50 years old)
  1. 3c: Talk about his/her occupations and hobby. (You can make this up but try to use the hobby words we have learned in class).

王先生是一个运动家,他喜欢打球。(or 王先生的爱好是打球)

Wáng xiānshēng shì yīgè yùndòng jiā,

Wáng xiānshēng xǐhuān dǎqiú.(Or wáng xiānshēng de àihào shì dǎqiú)

Mr. Wang is an athlete. He likes to play ball. (Or Mr. Wang’s hobby is to play ball.)

Then you can move on to talk about the next family member, and the next…

Note: Each member should have different hobbies (so you can practice saying different hobbies in Chinese. Try to use some of Chinese hobby words we have learned in class.)

Suggestion: You can end the slides like this:

他 们 都 是 X  先 生 的 家 人。
Tāmen dōu shì X xiānshēng de jiārén.
They are all Mr. X's!
X  先生 有 一 个 美 好 的  家庭!
X xiānshēng yǒu yīgè měihǎo de jiātíng!
Mr. X has a wonderful family!

Submit your goole slides’ link to your class website by ______________

Students’ Work Samples:

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