Writing and Reading Assignment: My family (我的家庭 wo de jiating

Here is an assignment I have for my students:

Tools you can use for this assignment:

  1. Use archchinese.com to look up words and stroke orders of characters.)

2. Here is another great tool you can use for this assignment:


Copy and Past the article to get the annotation of this article.

3. Google Translate:

Copy and past into the google translate and click on the audio to hear the reading.

My Family Assignment 我的家庭作业 #1: Writing the article and Come up with a Vocabulary List

Here is the article you need for these two assignments:

1. Write the entire article in Chinese characters and learn their English meaning and how to read. I will ask you to translate the meaning and read them out loud in the next assignment. (10 points)

2. Make a list of new vocabulary in Chinese with English definition and pinyin. (5 points)

My Family Assignment 我的家庭作业 #2: Reading and Translation

Prepared to read and translate line by line for this whole article in class. You will read it from the whiteboard. There won’t be any pinyin in the article. Therefore you will need to make an effort to read the whole article in Chinese characters.

(You could have your new vocabulary list at hand to take a glance if you have to, but do make an effort to read without having to look up the words.)

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