Xin Nian Hao song 新年好歌 Happy New Year Chinese Assignment

  • Assignment for Chinese New Year Song
  • Here are the videos for the Happy new year song:
  • 1)Write vocabulary/characters(all 16 items) three times each, provide English meaning and Pinyin on the side before you write.
  • 2)Write the lyrics one time.
  • Click here for the vocabulary list in (Make sure to look at the animated stroke order before writing and hear the pronunciation. Provide the Pinyin and English meaning first.
  • Tip for learning: Make sure you pronounce each character or vocabulary as you write them.
    • Lyrics for 新年好 (Happy New year Song)
  • 新年好呀! 新年好呀!
  • Xīnnián hǎo ya! Xīnnián hǎo ya!
  • 祝贺大家新年好!
  • zhù dàjiā xīnnián hǎo ,
  • 我们唱歌, 我们跳舞,
  • wǒmen chàng gē , wǒmen tiàowǔ ,
  • 祝贺大家新年好!
  • zhù dàjiā xīnnián hǎo!
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