Fruit questions in Chinese

Fruit questions in Chinese:

Use the fruit questions to interview one classmate. Ask at least four different fruits. (One participant can be speaking A first two times, while the other participant can be Speaker A two times). Carry out the following dialogue at least four times in total, each time about the same fruit and the juice that is made out of the same fruit.

Write down your entire conversation in Chinese character. Both participants have to write this conversation down.

Remember, each time, use the following questions and ask about the same fruit and the juice that is made out of the fruit for each conversation. 

A: [Fruit Name XX in English]中文怎么说?

B: [Fruit name XX in Chinese]

A: _XX___ 好吃吗? 

B: 很好吃       不好吃 还可以

(Pick one answer)

A: __XX__汁好喝吗?

B: 很好喝       不好喝 还可以

(Pick one answer)

Vocabulary in this dialogue:

好吃 hǎo chī: delicious (to describe food)

好喝 hǎo hē :delicous, tasty (to describe a drink or soup)

(果)汁 (guǒ)zhī: (fruit) juice

很 Hěn: very

可以 hái kěyǐ well enough; it’s ok

Fruit Quiz in Chinese (Review the fruit vocabulary with this quiz)

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