Fruit questions in Chinese

Fruit questions in Chinese:

Use the fruit questions to interview one classmate. Ask at least five different fruits. (One participant can be Speaker A two times, while the other participant can be Speaker A three times). Carry out the following dialogue at least five times in total.

Write down your entire conversation in Chinese character. Both participants have to write this conversation down.

A: [Fruit Name XX in English]中文怎么说?

B: [Fruit name XX in Chinese]

A: _XX___ 好吃吗? 

B: 很好吃       不好吃 还可以

(Pick one answer)

A: __XX__汁好喝吗?

B: 很好喝       不好喝 还可以

(Pick one answer)

Vocabulary in this dialogue:

好吃 hǎo chī: delicious (to describe food)

好喝 hǎo hē :delicous, tasty (to describe a drink or soup)

(果)汁 (guǒ)zhī: (fruit) juice

很 Hěn: very

可以 hái kěyǐ well enough; it’s ok

Fruit Quiz in Chinese (Review the fruit vocabulary with this quiz)

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