Drink Questions in Chinese (Oral and writing assignment)

Work together with your language partner and talk about at least five different drinks. (One participant can be Speaker A asking about two different drinks, while the other participant can be Speaker A asking about three other drinks). Carry out the following dialogue at least five times altogether. Write down your entire conversation in Chinese character. Both participants have to write down this entire conversation about five drinks and submit to your instructor.

Drink questions in Chinese:

A: [drink Name in English XX]中文怎么说?

B: [Drink name in Chinese XX]

A: __XX__ 好喝吗? 

B: 很好喝       不好喝    还可以 (Pick one answer)

(the fourth option:

太难喝了。Tài nán hēle)

For example:

Speaker A: Tea 中文怎么说?

Speaker B: 茶

Speaker A: 茶好喝吗?

Speaker B:很好喝。(Or you can answer “不好喝“ or “还可以” or “太难喝了!)

Vocabulary you can use in this dialogue

很 Hěn: very

好喝 hǎo hē :taste good;delicious, tasty (to describe a drink or soup)

不好喝 bù hǎo hē: Not tasty; not delicious (to describe a drink or soup)

还可以 hái kěyǐ: It is ok. It is good enough

太难喝了tài nán hēle: Literally,it is difficult to drink it–that means it tastes awful!

果汁 Guǒzhī: fruit juice

芒果汁 mángguǒ zhī:mango juice
柠檬汁 níngméng zhī: lemonade; lemon juice

桔子汁 júzi zhī: orange juice
水 shuǐ: water

(可口)可乐 (kěkǒu)kělè: (coca)-cola
咖啡 kāfēi: coffee
茶 chá : tea
百事可乐 bǎishìkělè: pepsi
雪碧 xuěbì : sprite

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