Chinese assignment about Locational phrases and resultative complement

To learn about resulatative words, please go to:

Written script: 10 points

Oral Presentation: 15 points

Use the google doc to create a presentation titled “I can’t find my XX, did you see it”. Please add pictures to illustrate your content for each slide.

Ask about at least five different places.

You can talk about XX being at a certain place or using the locational phrases such as in/at/under a certain object. Present this in front of your class.

Place words you can use for this project:

学校 xue2xiao4: school

公园 gong1yuan2: park

咖啡馆 ka1fei1guan3: Cafe

网吧 wang3ba: internet cafe

银行 yin2 hang2: bank

博物馆 bo2wu4guan3: museum

艺术馆 yi4shu4guan3: art museum

图书馆 tu2shu1guan3: library

中国饭馆 zhong1guo2 fan4guan3: Chinese restaurant

学校餐厅 xue2xiao4 can1ting1: Student cafeteria

电影院:dian4ying3yuan4: Movie theater

Or use the following locational phrases:

在。。。下(面/边)  zai4…xia4(mian4/bian1): Under XX

在。。。里(面/边) zai4…li3(mian4/bian1): Inside.XX

在。。。上(面) zai4…shang4(mian4): On top of XX

在。。。左边 Zai4…zuo3bian1: At the left side of XX

在。。。右边 Zai4…you4bian1: At the right side of XX

在 A 和 B 中间:zai4 A he2 B zhong1jian1: between A and B. 

Words you can use to combine with the locational phrases:

桌子 zhuo1zi: table

床 chuang2: bed

电视 dian4shi4: Television

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