Chinese assignment about Locational phrases and resultative complement

To learn about resulatative words, please go to:

Written script: 10 points

Oral Presentation: 15 points

Use the google doc to create a presentation titled “I can’t find my XX, did you see it”. Please add pictures to illustrate your content for each slide.

Ask about at least five different places.

You can talk about XX being at a certain place or using the locational phrases such as in/at/under a certain object. Present this in front of your class.

Place words you can use for this project:

学校 xuéxiào: school

公园 gōngyuán: park

咖啡馆 Kāfēi guǎn: Cafe

网吧 wǎngbā : internet cafe

银行 yínháng : bank

博物馆 bówùguǎn : museum

艺术馆 yìshù guǎn: art museum

图书馆 túshū guǎn: library

中国饭馆 zhōngguó fànguǎn: Chinese restaurant

学校餐厅 xuéshēng cānguǎn: Student cafeteria

电影院 diànyǐngyuàn: Movie theater

Or use the following locational phrases:

在。。。下(面/边) zài… Xià (miàn/biān) : Under XX

在。。。里(面/边)zài… Lǐ (miàn/biān) : Inside.XX

在。。。上(面) zài… Shàng (miàn): On top of XX

在。。。左边 zài… Zuǒbiān: At the left side of XX

在。。。右边 zài… Yòubiān: At the right side of XX

在 A 和 B 中间 zài A hé B zhōngjiān: between A and B. 

Words you can use to combine with the locational phrases:

桌子zhuōzi : table

床 chuáng: bed

电视 diànshì : Television

1看到看到kàn dàosee;saw 
3zài(located) at; (to be) in 
4这里這裏zhè here; variant of 这里 
5学校學校xué xiàoschool; Classifiers:  
6公园公園gōng yuánpark (for public recreation); Classifiers:  
7咖啡馆咖啡館 fēi guǎncafé; coffee shop; Classifiers:  
8网吧網吧wǎng Internet café 
9银行銀行yín hángbank; Classifiers:  
10博物馆博物館  guǎnmuseum 
11艺术馆藝術館 shù guǎn 
12图书馆圖書館 shū guǎnlibrary; Classifiers:  
13中国中國zhōng guóChina 
14饭馆飯館fàn guǎnrestaurant; Classifiers:  
15学生學生xué shengstudent; schoolchild 
16餐馆餐館cān guǎnrestaurant; Classifiers:  
17电影院電影院diàn yǐng yuàncinema; movie theater; Classifiers:  
18xiàdown; ; below 
19miànface; side 
21inside; in 
22shàngon top; on  
23左边左邊zuǒ bianleft; the left side; to the left of 
24右边右邊yòu bianright side; right, to the right 
26中间中間zhōng jiānbetween 
27桌子桌子zhuō zitable; desk; Classifiers:  
28chuángbed; couch; classifier for beds; Classifiers:  ; variant of  
29电视電視diàn shìtelevision; TV; Classifiers: 

Students’ Works:

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