Integrated Chinese L5D2 Video Resources: Visiting a Friend

I am giving you today’s class time to do this assignment and also to continue finishing the rest for the homework.

Watch these videos and jot down words and sentences you have learned from these videos:

Please take good notes from all these videos.  It is 30 points, so I expect a lot of notes from all these videos.

Have fun learning. Remember, every time you learn something that stimulates your brain, your neurons are making complicated connection that makes you smarter! That is called neuron plasticity. 

“Neuronal plasticity is generally defined as the ability of the brain to change its structure and/or function in response to internal and external constraints or goals (Pascual-Leone, Amedi, Fregni, & Merabet, 2005).”

 1. Videos on the usage of “在”



2. Videos on 给,可以,在哪里

3. Three important words in Chinese

4. The usage of 就 and 才

5.The usage of 了

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