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He who knows no foreign language does not really know his own.  -Goethe

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Ling-Ling Chinese is a Language Learning Resource Collective created by Professor Ling-Ling Shih. This website was originally exclusive for her Chinese students, then expanded to a collection of authentic Chinese multimedia and educational resources to aid studying the new language. This website provides a wealth of teaching and learning resources, including:

Expose yourself to Chinese as much as possible. Not only in the early stages of learning a language, but also when you have reached an intermediate level. Using videos and listening to others speaking Chinese helps add context and experience, especially if you’re not in Chinese speaking country.

Why limit yourself to textbook learning? Authentic materials refer to the materials that are read, heard, viewed, and created by the native speakers and locals. Foreign language will be a lot more fun to learn when someone gets the inside scoop on the culture behind it. Here are some examples of Authentic Materials: News Magazine ArticlesRadio BroadcastTV DramasMoviesSongsChildren’s LiteraturePoems and Children Rhymes, and daily things native people encounter.

No need to create an account to log in. No gimmick to lure you to sign up either. All resources provided on this website are available to anyone for free! You only need to sign up if you want to receive e-mail notifications of all new posts. 

Thank you for visiting Ling-Ling Chinese

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and help improve this website.

(Click here for the latest post: Chinese Projects for Colors)


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Disclaimer: This website provides access and links to videos or educational information made available on the popular video hosting sites and other sites. If you would like your materials/videos to be removed from this website, please contact Ling-Ling Shih.




12 thoughts on “Ready-to-Learn Chinese

  1. Hello Shih laoshi,

    Your website is excellent! It is so helpful to all Chinese educators! I am so happy that I found this site. Thank you so so much!
    I am teaching Huanying Textbook for all four levels in high school. I wonder if you have any good project ideas that can be shared online as well.

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    1. I have oral performance assignments for integrated Chinese lessons, some of them are project-based most of them are interpersonal, but some are presentational). You can find them on the following page:

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