L15 D1 Seeing a Doctor 看病

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
From Ling-LingChinese.com

Chinese Vocabulary List for Disease related Terms

1 疾病 bìng disease; sickness; ailment
2 病毒 bìng virus
3 细菌 細菌 jūn bacterium; germ
4 感冒 gǎn mào to catch cold; (common) cold; Classifiers:
5 咳嗽 sou to cough; Classifiers:
6 喉咙 喉嚨痛 hóu lóng tòng sore throat; (喉咙:larynx, throat;痛: hurt
7 流行性感冒 liú xíngxìng gǎnmào influenza
8 发烧 發燒 shāo to have a high temperature (from illness); to have a fever
9 liú to flow; to disseminate; to circulate or spread
10 鼻涕 nasal mucus; snivel

(流鼻涕:have a running nose)

11 头痛 頭痛 tóu tòng to have a headache
12 tooth; ivory; Classifiers:
13 téng (it) hurts; sore; to love dearly (牙疼:toothache)
14 过敏 過敏 guò mǐn oversensitive; allergic; allergy
15 呕吐 嘔吐 ǒu to vomit
16 失眠 shī mián to suffer from insomnia
17 水痘 shuǐ dòu chickenpox
18 伤口 傷口 shāng kǒu wound; cut
19 shuāi to throw down; to fall; to drop and break
20 断腿 斷腿 duàn tuǐ broken leg
21 麻疹 zhěn measles
22 皮疹 zhěn a rash
23 哮喘 xiàochuǎn asthma
24 红眼病 紅眼病 hóng yǎnbìng pinkeye; envy; jealousy
25 拉肚子 zi (coll.) to have diarrhea
26 腹泻 腹瀉 xiè diarrhea; to have the runs
27 腹痛 tòng bellyache; stomach pain
28 烫伤 燙傷 tàngshāng to scald
29 心脏病 心臟病 xīn zàngbìng heart disease
30 糖尿病 táng niàobìng diabetes
31 高血压 高血壓 gāo xuè high blood pressure; hypertension
32 癌症 ái zhèng cancer
33 肺癌 fèi ái lung cancer
34 肺炎 fèi yán pneumonia; inflammation of the lungs
35 贫血 貧血 pín xuè anemia
36 流血 liú xuè to bleed; to shed blood
37 鼻窦炎 鼻竇炎 dòu yán sinusitis
38 yān narrow pass; throat; pharynx
39 喉炎 hóu yán laryngitis

咽喉炎 Inflammation of Pharynx and Laryngitis)

40 伤寒 傷寒 shāng hán typhoid
41 痢疾 ji dysentery
42 yāo waist; lower back; pocket; middle; loins
43 suān sour; tart; sick at heart; grieved; sore; aching; pedantic; impractical; an acid
44 bēi to be burdened; to carry on the back or shoulder
45 tòng ache; pain; sorrow; deeply; thoroughly

(腰酸背痛–a common phrase to describe aching waist and back)

46 肚子 zi belly; abdomen; stomach; Classifiers:

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