Children Rhyme: 两只老虎 Two Tigers with assignment

Feb 1st marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. 


Èr yuè yī rì shì zhōngguó xīnnián.

Feb 1st is Chinese New year.

今年 二零二二年(2022)是虎年。

Jīnnián èr líng èr'èr nián (2022) shì hǔ nián.

This year 2022 is the year of tiger.

Let’s use this opportunity to learn a well-known Chinese rhyme “两只老虎“ (Two tigers).

Here is the link to the song:

两只老虎 两只老虎
跑得快 跑得快
真奇怪 真奇怪

两只老虎 两只老虎
跑得快 跑得快
真奇怪 真奇怪

Three parts for this assignment:

1. Write the vocabulary and characters at least three times each. (5 points)

2. Write the lyrics one time in Chinese and provide English translation. (5 points)

3. Audiotape singing this song (5 points).

Click the following to get Vocabularies in ArchChinese animated stroke order (Please also turn up the sound to hear the pronunciation)

Vocabulary List for Two Tigers in

Write each vocabulary and character at least three times and lyrics one time–Make sure to provide the English meaning and pinyin for each character/vocabulary ). Use the English definition I gave down below. (Arch Chinese may give you too many definitions for the vocabulary. The definitions I gave will be specifically for this song.)


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