Authentic Materials 真实材料

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

Authentic Chinese Learning Resources: Learn Chinese Daily

Read News, Learn Chinese 看新闻学中文

Learn Chinese through Magazine Articles 读杂志学中文

Watch Chinese TV Drama Series 看中国电视剧

Watch Free Chinese Movies 看中国电影

Learn to Sing Chinese Songs 学唱中文歌

Bilingual Learning Materials 双语材料

Children’s Literature 儿童文学

Chinese Animation 中文动画卡通片

Chinese Culture中国文化

Chinese Idioms Stories中国成语故事

Chinese Jokes 中国幽默笑话

Chinese Poems and Children Rhymes 中国诗词,儿歌童谣

Chinese Riddles 中国谜语

Chinese Sayings 中国谚语

Chinese Tongue Twisters中国绕口令

Watch Looped Videos and Learn Chinese

Do Exercise and Learn Chinese 做运动听中文



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