Integrated Chinese Resources

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

(If you have good resources for Integrated Chinese, please share them on the comment area. Thanks!!)

Internet Resources On Integrated Chinese

Ling-LingChinese Posts on the Vocabulary and Dialogue for Integrated Chinese Level 1 

Chinese Worksheets for Integrated Chinese Lessons

Click Here to access the following materials:

  • Chinese character
  • vocabulary worksheets
  • text worksheets
  • oral performance sheet
  • grammar worksheets

Oral Performance Assignments for Integrated Chinese Lessons

(These oral performances are mostly interpersonal, but some are presentational, and may be project-based, involving creation of posters, design of special menu, invitation cards, maps, video creations, etc.)

Rubric for Oral Assignments


Ling-Ling’s Power Point Presentations for Integrated Chinese Lessons 

Test Banks for Integrated Chinese Lessons 



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